Eyes & Skin: If you get your skin right, you will have to spend lesser time fixing it with make-up. And not everything can be fixed with the make-up. Make up can only make skin look better and for a better looking skin, you need a good skin to start with. You need to look fresh. Here is some pointers that can help you improve the quality of your skin and how it appears. Get good sleep, at least 8 hours each night for at least a few days leading to the shoot if not every night. Good sleep helps rejuvenate the skin and minimizes bags under your eyes. And it also prevents dark circles. If you like wearing contacts for medical or cosmetic reasons – hydrate your eyes with tear drops so it doesn’t appear to be dry. Rest your eyes even if you don’t get time for your body to rest. You need to keep yourself hydrated - drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and other diuretic drinks. If you need to get a facial, get it at least 4-5 before the shoot, if not, exfoliate one day before the shoot. If you choose to go for tan or live in Arizona, be careful what you wear. Avoid uneven tanning – these are cumbersome to fix in post-production. Work on your lips – apply balm regularly to keep it smooth and healthy – chapped lips is hard to fix in post-production. If you smoke, avoid smoking on the day of shoot. If you think you need a wax or threading, please do it at least a couple of days before the shoot, else your skin may look red – not hard to fix, but natural skin tone is always better. Don’t worry about teeth whitening, those are easier to fix these days. If you have pimples, don’t pick on them, use make-up to cover –up, and leave the rest to post-production.

Hair & Make-up: If you get the make-up right, we will need to spend lesser time in post-production. And not everything can be fixed in post-production without sacrificing on the natural look. Cameras are sneaky, they can pick up minute details that your eyes may miss. Luckily, we have a billion-dollar cosmetic industry that you can take advantage of. Practice your make-up, know what looks good on you. Eye make-up is particularly important, get that right! A portraiture may not appeal if WE can’t get the eyes right – WE both need to make efforts to get a good shot. Paint your nails, choose neutral colors. Touch up your roots if you dye your hair, get a trim if it has been a while, conditioning may add extra shine - hair is hard to fix in post-production. Chipped nail paint is a distraction. Big, shiny jewelry can take away the attention from the subject, avoid them unless you are modelling for jewelry. You may choose to have different jewelry for different outfits, if you can change them quickly.

Expressions & Poses: While we have to provide poses for a headshot or couple photoshoot, most professional models tend to have their own style for expressions and poses – we respect that. However, at times, we may have suggestions for certain expressions or poses that would go along with the mood. No matter how long you have been modelling for, always practice, practice, practice. You can’t see how you look when we are shooting so practice in front of a mirror. See how you look and feel when you smile, laugh, or pout. See how you look and feel when you assume a classy, sexy, or sensual pose. Improvise on the day of shoot if you need to. If you are interested in a particular pose or expression, send it to your photographer at least two days in advance – these don't have to be your picture - you may pull them from Pinterst.

Dresses & Heels: For a professional model, your clothing is your costume, except that you get to have more than one. Choose the outfits you love! Choose from funky, classy, sexy - your call! Rent them if you don't think you may be using them again anytime soon. Bring at least 2 distinct clothing styles, preferably a shorter dress and a longer dress/gown. Choose your neckline - a boat neck, scoop neck, V-neck, deep neck, or shallow neck - your call! Note that we may take a couple of shots from above your head with the camera looking down on you - be mindful of the choice of your neckline. Bring at least one light colored dress and one dark colored dress. Don't choose stripes, checks, or floral prints. Bold and vibrant colors are recommended. Wear them a day before the shoot to ensure you are comfy in the dress. Wear heels! If you are not comfy wearing them, carry them with you and wear it for the duration of the shoot. Your accessories need to go along with your address so create unique combination of dress and accessories. Please send us pictures of your chosen wardrobe/dresses and accessories at least 2 days prior to the shoot. Again, you may use Pinterest to find representative images.

Familiarity & Comfort: Ignore anything or everthing I said above if that makes you uncomfortable. You know what's right for you! Here are a few tips though to keep yourself comfy. Don’t try anything new right before the shoot. If you don’t wear make-up, don’t try it on the photoshoot day. Some people do a trail hair and make-up ahead of time to ensure there are no last minute surprises. It helps. If you want to wear heels, carry them with you, and put them on at the location. If a strapless dress is not your forte, stay away. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, avoid sleeveless or cap-sleeve shirts and tank tops, as they tend to make arms look fuller. The list goes on. Stay in your comfort zone.

Location and Time: If you get to choose, pick a location you are familiar with - discuss with your photographer ahead of time. Consider scheduling your photoshoot in the late afternoon preferably towards sunset. We prefer the golden hours around sunset for the shoot because light is softer during this period so you can avoid harsh shadows, sky will have more variations and colors that can be used as a backdrop, make-up look better in the evening, and if you live in Arizona, it will be less hotter during the evening.

Bring yourself prepared. Don't skip your meals and drink penty of water. We are going to have a great shoot together!
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