Preparation: SENIOR & GRADUATION - Mayank Mayukh Photography




Attire: Have your gown, hood, and mortarboard ready, buy or rent them ahead of time. If you want to decorate your mortarboard, please do so in advance, this would help make your attire look unique. If you have chosen a silver or gold package, you would need to change clothes. Plan on changing quickly. The faster you change, the more time we have to photograph and the more photo choices you’ll have later. Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that it flatters you. It could be a pajama or an evening gown, a tuxedo or a t-shirt. Wear bold, vibrant colors with bright hues such as red or blue, which will pop from the background. Avoid stripes and plaid. Don’t wear green if you are going for a shoot in a park, it would camouflage. If you are shooting in the city, you should consider dressing formal. Layering is a good option, particularly in winter. A coat or a jacket on top could change the look and feel of a photograph completely. If you wear classes, know that most lenses have a glare. See if you can wear glasses without lenses or weat contacts for the shoot.

Make-up: Before your photo session, relax a little bit, may be take a nap – you need to look fresh. Cameras are sneaky, they can pick up minute details that your eyes may miss - such as skin imperfections or uneven tones. Luckily, we have a billion-dollar make-up industry, that we can take advantage of. A little foundation and mascara can help you look how you look in real life – go further if you like. If you paint your nails, make sure they’re done well for your session. Chipped nail paint will show and distract from you. Avoid bright colors that may not work with all your outfits. Instead, opt for basic or natural tones. Big, shiny jewelry can distract from the subject, i.e. you. If you have different jewelry for different outfits, if you can change them quickly.For him, there is not a lot he can do – but trying on a hair gel may not be a bad idea.

Comfort Zone: Don’t try anything new right before the shoot. If you don’t wear make-up, don’t try it on the photoshoot day. Some people do a trail hair and make-up ahead of time to ensure there are no last minute surprises. It helps. If you want to wear heels, carry them with you, and put them on at the location. If a strapless dress is not your forte, stay away. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, avoid sleeveless or cap-sleeve shirts and tank tops, as they tend to make arms look fuller. The list goes on. Stay in your comfort zone.

Location and Time: Search for a location – choose one you are familiar with - discuss with your photographer ahead of time. Consider scheduling your photoshoot in the late afternoon preferably towards sunset if you are interested in environmental portraits.

You know best what activities you like, choose a prop accordingly. You may use Sports Equipment such as a base ball, a bat, soccer ball, basketball, softball bat, etc as props. Try wearing your team's Sports Uniforms. If you are into music, bring in Musical instruments. Choose a prop that you can associate yourself with. This will make your pictures stand out.

Bring yourself prepared and we will suggest you a few poses. If you have a pose in mind, please share with your photographer ahead of time. We are going to have a great shoot together!
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